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Contact Me Profession Lady - When we shop, specially for women's designer sport jackets for men, the choices are endless. Fashion modifications like the weather, one day it's going to be skinny jeans and boots then the next it'll be slouch jeans with pumps, that's not surprising in the fashion industry. Today’s economy no longer allows the working force to have just one stable job to survive. With prices of basic commodities and the cost of day to day living constantly on the up, the average worker is left with no choice but find a second job, other rackets or sidelines. As with any other feat, this is easier said than done. Being an average young urban professional myself, I’ve fallen prey one particular too many times to the evil that is highly-demanding, low-paying job. It wasn’t until I realized that two is better than one, job wise, that I felt less burdened by the high cost of living. During the day, I teach personality development to children at Little Mary Jane’s Etiquettes School; and at night, I busy myself with my e-business store offering affordable style denim jeans. This setup proves to be effective for me as both jobs are anything but demanding and time-consuming. I really enjoy doing my above-mentioned work and it doesn’t hurt to get paid for doing what you love. My hobby of shopping for denim skinny jeans online resulted to the creation of my very own e-business store that offers cotton and spandex jeans among other fashionable women’s ready to wear garments. Mind you, the clothes aren’t your average items on wholesale as most if not all items are designer brand names. There’s also a collection of hard to find designer garb that include vintage Oscar De La Renta wedding gowns, Christian Dior evening gowns and Cristobal Balenciaga retro dresses. My little business has attracted fashonistas, stylists and budding designers from all over. Oh, and I was even offered a fleeting stint as a stylist, all thanks to my fashion-forward clientele. Why fleeting, let me just give you a short account. One particular of my stylist clients learned that I also am into personality development which involves a lot of style, by the way. She told me she was in need of an assistant stylist and offered me the said position. With extra income in mind, I grabbed the opportunity and agreed to her proposition. We arranged for a meet-up, and after that the rest was (fashion) history. And so my profession as a fashion stylist was officially launched. Aside from styling, I also provide the garments which I acquire from the online store. Things went terribly wrong when a whole rack of top denim and hot denim jeans went missing – vanished into thin air was more like it. I was in big trouble as I couldn’t possibly pay for the pricey True Religion and Rock and Republic jeans that went missing. The only way out was to get money from my students at Little Mary Jane’s. I can’t say I’m proud of asking for donations without admin approval and selling tickets to fake fund raisers among other scams. For the record, I immediately ended my stylist stint after the incident so to avoid untoward situations. Look for some designer big and tall linen pants for men that will be sure to enhance your appearance and give you that wow factor to everyone that sees you. Wearing designer clothing can make you feel fashionable and stylish and give you that extra confidence.

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